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Out of the Wild Pet Food

Rabbit Skin Roll

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Dehydrated Rabbit Skin with Hair is naturally healthy and is an ideal treat for your dog. Rabbit Skin with fur is 100% natural with no additives or preservatives. Great for dogs with allergies and sensitivities as well as aiding with the natural worming process.


No additives. No Preservatives. No Salt. Nothing else added, Pure Dehydrated Rabbit Skin.

Size- Around the size of a larger spring roll.


Price per roll.

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Your purchase will be couriered overnight in an insulated box.  All website orders between Friday-Sunday will be sent on Monday for Tuesday delivery.

Orders Received before 12 pm will be sent for next day delivery.  Orders after 12 pm will be sent the next day.

Shipping rates may change.

 14kgs or under $12.50 flatrate
14.01-19.00kgs  $22.00
19.01-24.00kgs  $25.00
24.01-29.00kgs  $30.00
29.01-34.00kgs  $35.00
34.01-39.00kgs  $40.00
39.01-44.00kgs  $45.00
44.01-49.00kgs  $50.00

For orders over 50kgs please contact us.

For South Island or meaty bone orders please contact us on 07 579 9931