All Natural Cat & Dog Pet Food

Raw and dehydrated proteins. Most of our meats are wild caught and processed by us to ensure only the highest quality ingredients go into our pet food, so your cats and dogs will always be he healthy, happy pets you love.

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    The Peaceable Kin-dom has a new rescue - a feral
    tomcat (now desexed) named Silver WhāX (Fox), who is well on his way to
    learning to trust people. At first he'd only eat Friskies kibble, but after
    only a week of mixing more and more raw mince with the Friskies, he now eats
    ONLY the raw wild meat, and very eagerly, too. His coat has become smooth and
    shiny, and instead of a rough, scrawny stray he's now a lovely, healthy cat. As
    soon as he trusts people enough, we'll find him a loving forever home.

  • Hi guys, just finished prepping all that beautiful wholesome RAW! I am absolutely thrilled with how well packaged the meat was and the quality of the meat. Delivery was quick,ordering online was super fast and easy. One happy raw feeder!


  • These two have been eating raw for two years now.
    They love their food and variety of meats they get from out of the wild.
    I love feeding them raw!


  • Hi I’m Molly, I was addicted to junk food...
    For under $10 per week you to can look and feel this good :)
    P.S I LOVE me a good possum tail, they are to die for...


  • Had a very thorough chat with Out of the Wild Rep and I have to say she was absolutely full of knowledge ! I needed help on where to start and I walked away confident and ready to board this full raw diet for my kitties!

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Deluxe Bowl Set

Silicone lid to help air seal food.
Stainless Steel insert that is easy to clean and won’t rust. Melamine Bowl with non-slip bottom to keep bowl in place.

Durable and easy to wash and also dishwasher safe with pet friendly detergent.

These are perfect for your fur babies meaty food and treats!

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