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Out of the Wild Pet Food

Wild Bone Broth & Marrow

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Broth is from slow cooked bones and other connective tissue,this is a gelatinous nutrient-dense super food. Our broth is made from wild Venison and wild Goat.

In our bone broth we only add Certified organic apple cider vinegar which is unpasteurised,unfiltered,naturally fermented, using New Zealand apples

Bone Marrow is a nutrient dense component of the bone that generates stem and blood cells

Broth aids recovery from wounds,injuries, and post-surgical trauma

Broth is good when animals are sick,it is a high source of protein in times of malnourishment or when little of food cant be tolerated.

Broth naturally contains a range of super supplements and minerals inculding the following

  • Minerals: such as magnesium,phosphorus,calcium,sulphur and sodium

  • Collagen:which helps hold the body together,plumps the skin,lubricates joints, and builds mucosal barriers too protect the body from pathogens

  • Proline:which is a anti-imflamatory amino acid that builds healthy cartilage

  • Glutamine: Helps the rapid turnover of cells in the gut,which keeps the lining of the gut healthy. it is also a amino acid for brain health

    And many many more minerals and supplements inlcuding

  • Glycine

  • glycosaminoglycans

  • Hyaluronic Acid

  • Chondroitin Sulhate

Awesome for animals of all ages.

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