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Out of the Wild Pet Food

Venison Tendon Chews

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These come in 100 gram bags and normally contain 5-7 chews

good for dogs of all sizes

Tendons are collagen so they are brilliant nutrition for skin and joints.

  • Provide essential chewing exercise

  • Great entertainment for puppies

  • Aid teeth & gum health (by removing plaque)

  • Can be fed to relieve anxiety when you leave your dog

  • Suitable for dogs with food sensitivities

  • Provides natural, unprocessed nutrients

Shipping Information

All products shipped to the North Island. Please contact us for any Frozen and/or Dried order to the South Island using the "Contact Us" form.

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14kgs or under $15.00
14.01 - 19.00kgs  $22.50
19.01 - 24.00kgs  $27.50
24.01 - 29.00kgs  $32.50
29.01 - 34.00kgs  $37.50
34.01 - 39.00kgs  $42.50
39.01 - 44.00kgs  $47.50
44.01 - 49.00kgs  $52.50

Shipping Rates May Change. For Orders Over 50kgs Please Contact Us.

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