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Goat Milk for Pets

Goat Milk Biscuits

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Raw Milk Product. Delicious wheat free goat milk biscuit treats for your pets.

100% Natural and handmade. No additives or preservatives.

Approximately 20 biscuits per pack.


Oat/Chickpea/Coconut/Maize Flours
Fine Oats
Goat Milk
Coconut Oil
Almond Fine
Chia Seeds

Flavour Variations and Additions:

Meaty Supreme | Bone Broth and Dried Meat Fines
Oaty Apple | Puree Apple
Coconut Berry | Blue Berries and Coconut Fine
Nutty Pumpkin | Natural Peanut Butter and Pumpkin
Ocean Fresh | Bone & Fish Broth, Meat/ Fish Fines

Shipping Policy

Shipping Methods

Your purchase will be couriered overnight in an insulated box.  All website orders between Friday-Sunday will be sent on Monday for Tuesday delivery.

Orders Received before 12 pm will be sent for next day delivery.  Orders after 12 pm will be sent the next day.

Shipping rates may change.

 14kgs or under $12.50 flatrate
14.01-19.00kgs  $22.00
19.01-24.00kgs  $25.00
24.01-29.00kgs  $30.00
29.01-34.00kgs  $35.00
34.01-39.00kgs  $40.00
39.01-44.00kgs  $45.00
44.01-49.00kgs  $50.00

For orders over 50kgs please contact us.

For South Island or meaty bone orders please contact us on 07 579 9931